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An amazing resource army management game with awesome graphics and game play.

Conquer all areas in the Dogland Island, to do that you must build an empire Train Soldiers, Create weapons and expand your territory.

– 2 empires+barbarian empire.
– 12 unique cities.
– 48 unique city areas.
– 12 unique war areas.
– 24 unique buildings+upgrades.
– 24 unique weapons, goods and soldiers.
– 8 unique goods (money, food, log, iron, pearl, coal, oil, steel).
– 4 unique weapons (sword, arrow, spear, fire arrow).
– 6 unique soldiers (human, horse, elephant, catapult, witch, super soldier).
– 22 combination of soldiers with weapons.
– 4 catapult ammunition (coal, arrow, spear, fire arrow).
– 5 witch magics (ice ball, fire ball, poison, hurricane, earthquake).

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