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Craps Strategy

Online craps is the one game aside from blackjack that has the potential of using a reliable strategy to get the Casino Edge down even more than what the natural rules of the game produce. In order to keep it simple, especially for players new to craps, stick to making pass-line bets, for these wagers take longer to finalize, and will stretch your bankroll out for a longer period of time. Also, back up all pass-line bets with full odds when the occasion arises. Later, when you are comfortable with the pace of play, it is a good idea to make some Come Bets, which will finalize much faster. In this case, you will have several bets working for you at once.

When learning an intelligent craps strategy, it is a good idea to start off with what many players call the Simple Craps Strategy. There are different levels of strategy (Conservative, Conventional and Aggressive) that you can graduate to after you have mastered the Simple Strategy. The way it works is this:

Start off by making a Pass Line Bet just before the shooters come-out roll. This is the only bet you will be making with this strategy, so get used to it. Whether the shooter craps out or passes, keep making this bet.

The idea is to wait until the shooter hits their point, at which time, you should place a single odds bet next to your original Pass Bet; It is very important that you place this odds bet, since by doing so you will get the Casino Edge down to way under 1%.

As soon as the shooter rolls their point again, you will win according to the denomination of your odds bet. Remember that the casino will always round down to the nearest dollar if your payout is not in even dollars. In order to keep your payouts even, always bet in multiples of $5 for points 6 or 8, and in even numbers for points 5 or 9.

When you double or triple your bankroll, it is a good idea to start placing double odds when the shooter rolls their point. As long as the shooter is hot and you are winning, try to use your winnings to your advantage. If you begin to lose (at least two times in a row), go back to placing single odds. If you lose two times in a row on single odds, wait until the dice move to another shooter. If you lose two times in a row on that shooter also, it is a good idea to break, for some players would say the table is cold.

In the case of online craps, the role of the shooter is not as important. When on the internet, keep to making pass bets and taking single/double odds.The Rule of Thumb when playing online craps is to be realistic with your earning expectations. Most craps players advise to cease playing a craps table after earning back a predetermined percentage of your original bankroll amount. Set one for yourself ahead of time and you will never lose your winnings back to the casino.

As for the above strategy, it is just as good as any of the more aggressive strategies. It may move a little slow, but it is very reliable and easy to put into action.

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