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Keno is probably the slowest game in any Casino. It's great for a change of pace and a rest but not for the action oriented. Games are about ten minutes apart, that is the regular Keno games, However, with Video Keno you can play at your own speed.

How To Play

The Game Keno is strictly a numbers game and as in most number games there is no particular winning system. There is this thing called LUCK and that is the only system that is of any value. Out of a panel of 80 numbers 20 are chosen each game. They are chosen with ping pong balls in a special air driven device and posted on electronic panels throughout the Casino. The player selects numbers on a Keno sheet by marking his selections and makes his bet with the clerk who verifies his card electronically. The player then sits back and waits for the numbers to be selected. If the numbers, selected by the player, appear on the board the player is paid according to a schedule of payment provided by the casino. The bet can be from one dollar up to the house limit, which varies from place to place.


Usually, winnings must be collected before the next game begins. Some Casinos have different rules on payments but it's a good idea to check it out before you run into trouble.

A player can win as little as one dollar to as much as 50,000 dollars, depending on how many numbers were selected and the amount wagered.

Video Keno

The one on one Electronic version of the game. For those who want to control their Keno action, this is the game for you. Feed your quarters into the slot select your numbers and away you go.

The video version of keno is identical to regular keno in most respects. There are eighty numbers to choose from, you can choose as many as you wish up to fifteen and you can bet up the allowable limit of the] machine. An electronic wand allows you to touch the screen on the numbers you wish to play, if you choose a number you didn't want you can cancel it and choose the one you wanted. After your choices are made you activate the machine and watch the numbers being picked. Once you activate the machine just sit back and watch and wait for the results, it pays if you win and keeps if you lose.

Video Keno Strategy

There really is no sure strategy in Keno any more than in any other game. Having said that there is an approach you can try, it might be fun and you might even win. I've heard people try it and swear it works, I've tried it and found the results no different than any other method of choosing numbers.

Try this; choose 9 numbers in the upper right hand corner of the screen, 7, 8, 9, 10, 18,19,20, 29,30. Try these numbers eight or ten times if no luck turns them upside down and play the bottom left hand corner. Play 51,52, 61,62,63, 71,72,73,74. Try this about ten times if no winners, you’re on your own. As the man says, who know, you might get lucky.

There is no legitimate way that one can win consistently at keno or any other Casino game. The games are not devised to play in your favor, you may get lucky, it happens, but be assured its pure luck, Don't get fooled into believing otherwise. Good Luck.

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