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How To Play Blackjack

In Casino we are dedicated to recommend casinos, but we also teach users how to win those casinos. Yes, it is difficult, we know it. 'Banking always wins' is the favorite saying for those who do not like to play in the casino because they believe it is an impossible fight to win. Well, they're right, in part. Banking always wins in the long term. This is so. But, even if the war wins, we have come here to win individual battles. And one of the games where you can win individual battles perfectly and that, on top of that, chance does not dominate the whole system, is Blackjack.


In casinos with English as a language, asking for a letter is called a hit. This means that we ask the croupier to give us a letter after having received the first two because we think we can get closer to 21 than we are now with a low risk of passing us. Or, if it is not the case, that we risk to happen with the purpose of arriving at 21 or to be very near since the hand of the dealer is very good. In summary, we ask for a letter because we think that with the first hand we will not win or we have few options.


With this option we double the original bet because we think that our hand is very good, better than the dealer's own. This action of doubling the bet always comes from the hand of a new card that, moreover, is the last one. That is to say, we must be sure that with just one cut our chances of winning go up considerably. Some casinos allow you to always double, whatever the cards, and others only allow you to add in the case that the first two cards add 9.10 or 11.


With a pair of identical cards in the first hand Blackjack allows you to divide the play, though, putting another bet equal to the first and playing two moves at a time. The dealer will draw two more cards, one for a card and another for the other card. From here these two moves are independent and follow the same rules as the rest of plays, that is, you can ask for a card, stand or double the bet. Even some casinos allow to divide again in case a pair of identical cards has come out again.

Give up

Not all casinos allow this movement, this must be taken into account. As its name indicates this allows you to recover half of the bet in the event that we see that our play is bad. Of course, it can only be done once we have received the two initial letters. It can not be done once we have decided to make another move.

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