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Slot Machine

The slot machines are a classic of the casinos, and in the particular case of country they are also found in most of the bars where it is almost "tradition" to throw the coins that we have left after paying for the drinks. The first time you play you are a little lost and you do not know with certainty how the game works, just press the button waiting for some prize or some advance to get a winning combination. Throughout the following articles we will explain what is the slot game, explain each of the buttons, the bonus game (the game that appears on the top that gives great prizes), tricks and strategies between other things.


The history of slot machines starts at the end of the 19th century. There are several theories about who invented the first slot machine. Some argue that the first machine was "Liberty Bell" created by Charles Fey and others who claim that the first machine was the machine created by Sittman and Pitt. The popularity of slot machines took place at the beginning of the 20th century.


The article introduction to the slots will serve as a starting point. Slot machines have a history and, as you can imagine, they have evolved over time. Sometimes you feel a certain nostalgia when remembering the first machines in which you had to lower the lever to start the rollers, over time the lever was replaced by a button and even now with the arrival of the internet it is possible to play online doing turn the rollers at the click of a button.

The buttons

At first sight a slot machine looks like a simple machine with a single button that rotates the rollers, however the first time you decide to try your luck throwing the typical coin that you have left over paying a few reeds, you are not sure what to do or what possibilities the machine gives us when it comes to playing. But playing the slot machines really is very simple once you know each one of the buttons, here we explain what each of the buttons is for and we indicate that other elements you have to take into account at the time of playing, between they highlight the table of awards and the payment lines.

How to play Online Slots

As in land based casinos, slot machines are also a classic in online casinos. There is a wide variety, in online casinos you can find from classic three-roll machines with a single line of payment to machines with more than five reels and twenty-five lines of payment. The themes are also endless; sports, movies, superheroes, classic symbols (fruits, the 7, etc.), with super shared boats, etc ... The way of playing online is practically the same, however there are peculiarities that we explain in the following article on how to play the online slots.

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